How the story starts...


Since I was a child I used to love animals, but my greatest love was dogs. Thus, in 1996, when I was 8, my parents made me a huge surprise bringing into my family a „collie rough”... it was a tricolor male whom I named „Clever”. I spent a whole beautiful, adventurous childhood with him, together we discovered new things, but most of all I understood then what a great friendship really means.

Even though he was a mixed collie rough, he had amazing qualities: tender and loyal to the family, rather distant with strangers, with an endless mood for playing, obedient and very clever! Unfortunately, he left this world at 6 years old... his death was a tragedy for me and my family who still remembers of .... the best friend from the whole world - Clever...

In 2001, after many researches, Lucky got into our lives – another tricolor collie rough male.

Although he looked so different to Clever, Lucky managed to fill the gap of sorrow that the death of our first dog had created. He has very sensitive, with an infinite love for people, friendly... Sadly, when he was 3 years old, Lucky was diagnosticated with a terrible disease. After 4 years, during which he proved to be a heroic fighter, he put his arms down... then, devastated, we decided not to bring another dog in our lives.

For several months our house seemed empty... there was no one to greet us when we got home or wake us in the morning... and all these things made us feel the lack of our four-legged friends.


The beginnings of
With Funky Style kennel


In 2008, we started to look for a new buddy and we eventually found Ruwenzori kennel from Hungary, where they were expecting a litter from Pille (Rineweld Professional) and Rygelth (Rineweld Kid Don’t Give Up). We were looking for another tricolor male to continue the family „tradition”. For this reason we had great emotions until the puppies were born.

There was a single tricolor male and he was ours:
Ruwenzori Funky - "Smarty". Many thanks to the breeder, Mariann Krausz, who believed in us and helped us to accomplish our dream!!!

Smarty’s arrival in our family meant a new beginning. Together we have discovered the fascinating world of kinology, of canine exhibitions and we were very happy of each good result!

Our pride was much greater as we saw in Smarty a real collie, both in appearance and inside him. At only 2 years old he became Romanian Champion, and a few months later gained the Romanian Champion Cum Laude title.

From the autumn of 2009, our family got larger as we decided to have a sable female called Foxy - Riverside Song Burning Love - out of Shasam Sex Bomb and Nyitramenti Viscountess.

Many thanks to her breeder, Olivia Cruscov, the owner of Riverside Song Kennel for this wonderful female!

>>>Foxy & Smarty<<<